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What is Cloud Seeding? | The Fact Site

The inventor of Cloud Seeding, Mr. Vincent Schaefer carried out the first successful experiment of his idea in 1946. On behalf of the General Electric Co, Vincent managed to generate rainfall and, in lab conditions, managed to create a snowstorm.

The scientific benefits and belief in cloud seeding was huge, during the 1960s in the US a project named ‘Stormfury’ was undertaken to try and in effect weaken cyclones and at the time they thought it was worthy enough to test this method on a range of Atlantic hurricanes before they realized the system was ineffective as the hurricanes themselves just don’t contain enough water for the chemicals to bind to and have that much impact. The most impressive claim of recent years though has to come from China, who say that in 2008 during the Beijing Olympics they used this process in reverse to actually stop rain forming and keep it dry over the event!

So there we have it, not only have we created driverless cars and self-regulating ‘smart’ homes, we have now quit literally harnessed the power of rainfall… potentially. Whatever the score, and however valid these claims are, the process has been tested and it has worked whether it was going to rain anyway remains a mystery but it’s still very impressive and rather mind-blowing. The potential practical applications of such a process would be revolutionary.

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